Garden Apprenticeship Program Relaunch


Last December, the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust was honored to be one of 10 recipients of a SoCal Climate Champions Grant, awarded to nonprofits that take on our climate crisis with creative, community-centered solutions. Because of this support we were able to relaunch our Garden Apprenticeship Program, aGAP Student places a green tomato cage around a small seedling garden-based youth leadership program at Fremont High School.  

In May 2022, after a two-year hiatus due to COVID, the students were excited to get back to work in the garden. During this first GAP session since 2020, students came together ready to plant vegetables and learn about composting. The program also focused on healing, building  a sense of community among the students, and conversations to highlight the connection between wellness and the built environment in South LA. Students also had the chance to practice self-care skills like journaling to reflect on their feelings and building new relationships with other students at Fremont High School. The Neighborhood Land Trust team and the GAP youth are excited to get back in the garden when school starts in September.