2022 LA Compost Expansions


So far in 2022, LA Compost successfully expanded its Compost Hub, Farmers' Market Drop-off and Compost Coaching Programs! Across our Community Compost Hub locations, LA Compost hosted multiple garden beautification days to foster positive community experiences and connections with the soil and LA Compost team and community members at the Atwater Village Farmers’ Market, where we collect compostable material every Sunday. one another. Together, LA Compost staff and volunteers engaged in projects such as designing accessible signage for labeling compost piles and building new sifting stations for community members to process cured compost into a garden-ready, nutrient-rich soil amendment. Additionally, LA Compost staff facilitated twelve community-based workshops with skill-based topics such as introductions to composting, composting with worms, and utilizing finished compost! So far this year, LA Compost has launched five community-level compost hubs and two medium-scale, or Regional Compost Hubs at Griffith Park in Los Angeles City and Earthworks Farm in South El Monte.

Additionally, LA Compost launched four new Farmers' Market Drop-off Program sites where individuals can drop off their kitchen food scraps. Farmers' market locations include the LA River Farmers' Market at State Historic Park, Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw Farmers' Market, Silver Lake Farmers' Market, and Historic Highland Park Farmers' Market. As of June, the Program collected 100,814 pounds of food scraps and organics, a 17% increase from last year's total to date. Lastly, LA Compost's Compost Coaching Program has really taken off! Since its launch in early 2022, LA Compost staff has provided eight LA-based organizations and groups with technical assistance and knowledge to maintain their own composting infrastructure.