High School Students Learn about Sustainability through Food


The C-CAP students at Susan H. Dorsey High School in Los Angeles have continued learning about sustainability in its many forms–including how to shop for, develop, market and sell their own product. We teamed up with with C.A.K.E. and in our combined after school program, students created the Dorsey Green Sauce, made of avocado, cucumber, scallions, parsley, and lime, which they sell at the Atwater Village Local Farmers Market once a month. Students keep all proceeds from their sales.


In addition to the experience of creating their delicious sauce, C-CAP LA students also put together a cookbook, “From Our Village to Yours,” comprised of low-waste recipes from their family heritage, personal stories, and individual proclivities. Low waste recipes not only encourage creativity–what can you make with carrot tops; how can you repurpose vegetable skin?–but also emphasize the importance of cooking with what’s available to you, meaning season and local. After visiting the Santa Monica Farmers Market last year, many students began to better understand the connection between farmers, chefs, and the food they buy and eat.


In addition to the recipes, “From Our Village to Yours” allowed students to share their own personal stories of overcoming challenges and finding inspiration through food. It was an enriching experience for them which they hope will be expressed through the food they’ve shared.